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Welcome to the Home Page of The

Colchamiro Family

            One of the goals for this Web site is to create a page for each member
of the family with pictures and stories.

How This Started - In 1987 I did the first Colchamiro Family Newsletter.

The Name - How the Colchamiro name was created and a Family Tree.

Nona - My Grandmother - Stories and pictures.

Morris - My Father - Stories and pictures.

Esther - My Mother - Stories and pictures.

Jean - My Sister - Stories (she may not like this) and pictures.

Me - Stories and pictures.

My Children - Stories and pictures.

Aunts and Uncles - Each has their own page.

Cousins - I have many and here they are.

Friends - Past and present.

Links - Some of my favorite places 

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This page was last updated: Tuesday, May 25, 1999

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