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Friends, they are many and dear. Here they are:

Brooklyn was the breeding ground for these friendships and it started with the Brighton 3rd Street Gang. Not really a gang, that is what we innocently called it, the word just meant "group" in those days. It distinguished us from the 2nd and 4th street kids. When we met in the park on 2nd street and Brightwater Court, it was to play basketball or stick ball and really nothing more than that. We would play stick ball on Brighton 3rd Street and use the man hole cover as home plate and depending on which car was parked where, they became the bases. Later on I met many of these friends at Lincoln High School, Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NY.

Of course, now it's the 90s and some even have websites (check out the Links page).

These are the friends I made in Kindergarten, High School and at various jobs and they remain friends today.. It is rather special, since we are so far away, at least I am. Most live in the New York area but some in other states.

The Young Years The Old Years Down










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Richie, Alice, Marty, ???, ???, Fred, Joe This is Halloween, October, 1959 and the group is really dressed to scare! Here are, from left to right, Richie, Alice, Marty (me), Jill, ???, Fred and Joe.
We'll get some of the missing names straight as soon as I hear from the gang.
The Gang at Halloween This is another shot of the gang at Halloween. While I do not know (remember) all of the names it was a great party with lots of fun and rock 'n roll, the original songs of the day, which now you can buy on CDs. Was it Rock Around the Clock or Blueberry Hill by Fats Domino.

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Joe and Fred

Here are the dual Swamis, Joe and Fred, who are contemplating:
A. Their food.
B. Their drink.
C. The furnace behind them is about to blow.
D. What time they have to return the turbans.
E. Joe's stomach is killing him and Fred is next.

Fred, ???, Richie & Bob This is well before the Rat Pack and they certainly weren't the Brat Pack, so they are ahead of their time. Fred, ???, Richie and Bob, each strike a pose for the camera. If only they knew about the internet then.

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Marty as a BeatNik cira 1959 This is me, October, 1959. I was taking oil painting lessons, so half the costume was done. When I got ready for the party I added more paint to the sweatshirt and pants. The inexpensive glasses were easy to fix, popped out one lenses. Can remember where I got the hat from.


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Fred, Marsha, Mary, Marty, Richie, Jean, Fran & Bob We have a reunion in Las Vegas, Labor Day, 1997. This is in front of The Dive Restaurant, Las Vegas.
Bob & Fran in their home Bob and Fran, December, 1996 in their California home. A far cry from Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NY.

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Richie, Marty, Bob and Fred Well here we are in Las Vegas, Labor Day, 1997, posing as if this was High School again.


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