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Here are pictures and stories of Randie, my first child. Select which area you wish to view, pictures or stories. Randie was born in Brooklyn, NY and later moved to West Palm Beach, Florida. She is now the proud mother of two children, Race and Catherine.


This is a picture of Randie and Eric at the train station in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, N.Y. I do not know the year of the picture but you can see in the background a movie poster of Love Story. Whatever year Love story came out is the year of this photo. Yes it was cold and we were waiting for a train.
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Here are some pictures of her children, taken June, 1998.

This is Race and Catherine. Race is 5 and Catherine is 3.
The picture was taken at Disney's .....

This is Catherine after apparently getting wet in the park.


Writings from Randie:

This is the exact text of a composition by Randie, age 7. This was a school work project.

Children Have Fun In The Snow
Randie Colchamiro (age 7)

I like snow because it is cuddly.

Snow feels like baby powder, and cotton balls
and tickling feathers. Snow is like petting a little
bunny rabbit.

When it is snowing I like to ride on my sled.

When snow is on the ground and the sun is
out the snow sparkles.

At night when you look down and snow is
on the ground it looks like the stars.


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