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                                                    Mary Colchamiro
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I met Mary while working at Brown Brothers Harriman, an investment bank on Wall Street. We were telex operators in the Cable Department and as luck would have it, she agreed to go out with me.  This year (1998) we celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary.
                                        Thank you Mary


Mary at Christmas 1951

This is a picture of Mary when she was
about 1 1/2 years old.
It was taken, Christmas of 1951.

Mary and Ethan - Thanksgiving 1976

This is a picture of Mary and Ethan, Thanksgiving,
November, 1976.
Ethan is 18 months old in the picture.
This was taken in Old Bridge, NJ.


Mary had some great fortune when her sister moved to Illinois. 
Diana and Kevin have a beautiful daughter and you can check out their page by selecting the link to Diana and Kevin.

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