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Cousin Roberta

Hope everyone had a wonderful happy Healthy New Year and will continue to do so. We are all fine here.

We just got home from Helene's house. Spent nearly two weeks and enjoyed every minute of my nursing. Mother is coming along although slowly.  In addition, the baby is wonderful and very content...he is downing the bottle at almost 4 oz every three hours...very good baby...He is two week old and already has put on an additional two pounds...He now weighs 8 lbs. l5 oz and was born at 6 lbs. l5 oz... we are very proud.  Randi is enjoying being the big sister and mark is definitely the proud dad. 

Other than a continuation of the present nothing too new to report....Hope everyone is doing great and I will keep you all posted on the arrival of our next grandchild due to be born in about 8 weeks. Annette and Alan's..we are just thrilled about having such a growing family...